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Original Pattern & Design
By SandraCorson


The choice of fabric colors  promotes the healing effect you want to achieve.

Materials List:

5- 3"x4" pieces of fabric. Colors determined by the

healing effect you want as determined by the

listed below.

8" piece of 18 ga. craft wire.

4 wooden beads.

Small amount of  polyfill.

Needle and strong  thread.


Ratail, a chain, ribbon or leather cord for necklace. I

used an old one that the clasp was missing. I liked the


Color Meanings:

Red- energizes and stimulates.

Orange- broadens the mind, helps to cope.

Yellow- heals the elimination  system, balances and stabilizes.

Green- heals the heart,  overcomes fear,  creates energy balances.

Turquoise- promotes  restfullness.

Blue- gives piece of mind, promotes most healing.

Violet- raises self-esteem and  promotes spiritual peace.

Pink- promotes self love and friendships.

Black- stabilizes  all.


Trace pattern on to a small  piece of card stock. (pattern piece
should measure 2"x1 1/4".) Fold the  fabric in half, right sides
together, trace pattern directly onto fabric. Stitch around on the
line,  leaveing an opening for turning and stuffing. Cut out
leaving a 1/8" seam allowance and  clipping all curves. Make 5
In all.

Make a 1/4" loop in one end of wire. Push on a doll, a bead, and
another doll. Repeat until finished. Make  another 1/4" loop and
cut off excess wire. Cut a 20" or 24" piece of ratail, ribbon,
chain or leather cord. The chain can be applied to wire loops
and closed tightly. With the other cords,  push through loops and
glue, then wrap tightly with a small piece of wire.