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Getting ready for the Holidays!!

We have two swaps being put together now

A stocking swap  see below

An Ornament swap

Send to me, Carla F CRAFTYONE2@AOL.COM

 not the list, your request to join the stocking swap. Put in the subject line stocking swap. The size is between you and your partner, but should be at least 10 inches. Sign ups will close on October1 with mailing date no later than November 30. I will give one more notice (hopefully) a couple of weeks before the end closing date. I will draw partners on October 2. Your stocking must reach it's destination before 2 weeks before Christmas unless you and your partner agree on a later date. Let me know if you want an overseas partner or not. Remember, mailing to other countries takes longer. Don't let your partner be disappointed, keep in contact.

Your stocking can be handmade or bought and you will fill it with goodies you think the partner might like.


Here are the details for the ornament swap:

Sign ups will be taken until Sept. 20, 2002. Please indicate if you would like an overseas partner or not. Email me at Ornaments should be mailed no later than Nov. 22, 2002 in order to be received by Christmas. Ornaments can be made of any medium, crochet, cloth, knit, paper, glass, plastic canvas, etc., they can be very simple to very elaborate, and should not be more than 7” unless agreed upon. Each partner will make 5 ornaments to swap with their partner. You may add anything else to your package as you and your partner can afford. If mailing extra items be aware that there are some items that cannot be mailed overseas, check with your partner or Post Office first.

I would like to keep this very simple and light especially if you are mailing overseas, as postage does add up. The main thing is to have fun, and make a new friend. E-mail your partner several times to find out what they like to collect, colors, etc. If for some reason you find that you cannot fulfill your obligation PLEASE let me know so your partner will not be left out. If your partner does not keep in contact with you please let me know. Everyone is welcome to sign up newbies/beginners are especially welcome (what better way to get acquainted with others on the list).

If you are afraid to sign up because you haven’t the faintest idea what to make or how to make it, or even because you are new and have never been involved in a swap before email me and I can hook you up with some links and/or patterns of what to make, let me know what your talents are or what you would like to try your hand at and I'll do my best to help you.

So come on ladies, lets sign up and have some fun, “it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas….”