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Embellishment by Janel Sarles


When I was asked to guide you through this subject, I didn't even
realize that I was doing anything special.

Embellishing is the very last step.  You've  made this fabulous doll and
she has a  lovely costume.  Yet something is missing.  Here's where I
come in.....

Where do we find this STUFF?  What do we look  for?  And how in the
do we use it one the doll?

WHERE?  *garage sales * thrift or resale stores  * fabric stores (the
sale bends) *  costume jewelry stores * dollar stores  your closet
drawers *  your relatives houses * craft stores * lumber stores * garden
landscaping places * florists *  bed and bath stores *

Now WHAT are we looking for?

GARAGE SALES - costume jewelry, scarves, any fabrics, old silk flowers
with smaller petals, hankies, linens, pillowcases, table cloths.

THRIFT or RESALE SHOPS - old natural material  sweaters (any size - the
larger the better), silk blouses or dresses, old prom dresses, scarves,
wedding dresses, gloves, any item with interesting fabric, swimsuits
(you won't be wearing  them so who cares as long as you like the print),
old  lingerie or nighties (the lace and silks are great for dolls)!!!
 *hint*  look for out  of season markdowns because they are usually
marked way down.  I once found a great wedding dress for  $3.00

COSTUME JEWELRY STORES - any necklace, bracelets, earrings or hair
accessories  on sale
  *hint*  I have a deal with the manager.  She sells me ziploc bags of
costume jewelry that are broken or missing pieces at a pretty

DOLLAR STORES - these are great places to get  hair accessories cheap.
Look for blush,  make-up brushes, silk flowers, items out of season,
napkin rings
  *hint*  check here as often as possible because they buy close out
items and the stock changes often

FABRIC STORES - seems obvious - look for bags  of lace, ribbons and bits
of fabric  sold in bundles for about $3., out of season  trims, silk
flowers, ribbons, buttons, beads.
  *hint* out of season colors can be used year round - Christmas red
becomes Valentine's red; Christmas green becomes St.Patrick's Day
green;  Valentine's  pink becomes Easter pink;  Easter  yellow becomes
spring yellow....
  *hint*  ask the manager to save you the  bags of lace or call you
when they have the bags ready.  If they know you and know what you use
it for, they have an idea what to save for you.  So show off those
and talk, talk.

YOUR CLOSET - wrong size clothing, old dated scarves, that feather boa
(okay so I was the only one who had one in there), old hankies, old
coats, lost or broken jewelry, old lingerie
  *hint*  I've taken lace collars off of dresses, buttons off of
blouses, broken  necklaces, used lacey slips

YOUR FRIENDS & RELATIVES - if they know  what you need they are usually
happy to have you haul off thier junk.  Ask for - old clothing,
sweaters, linens, sheets (I once got a crocheted bedspread), old
jewelry, old curtains, scarves, hankies
  *hint*  Always take what they give you no  matter what it is. You can
toss what  you don't need later and you don't want to upset them by
refusing one single item!!  And if they give you great stuff, make them
an angel doll.   Everyone loves angel dolls.

CRAFT STORES - out of season items like beads, silk flowers, any trims
or tassels, any  ornaments, feathers
  *hint*  at the end of the night when they sweep the floors, the
clerks gather the silk flowers that have fallen off and  bag them in
ziploc bags.  They usually sell them for under $5 and you get some good
sizes for  dolls.  Look early in the mornings when they first open
especially if you've noticed alot on the floor the night before.

LUMBER STORES - you heard me - tag along with  your hubby.  Look for:
curtain rod  accessories, drawer pulls and knobs,  discounted wallpapers
(makes great fans), brass wires and tubing, ceiling fan  pulls,
interesting nuts.
  *hint* might as well get your own tools  since you're here.  You'll
need them  later on anyhow!  Pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, hammer
(still don't know how to use this in dolls yet)!!

GARDEN & LANDSCAPING PLACES - lots of silk flowers, tiny metal pots and
buckets, doll sized chairs and stools, tiny itmes that are on sticks
that poke into plants, wind chimes, bird houses.

FLORISTS - silk flowers, bows, homecoming  trickets that go on the
  *hint*  ask the florist to save you the  left over  ribbons and silks
used. I leave a big  ziploc bag with my name label on them.  I pick up
about once a week and sometimes I pay for them,  sometimes not!!!

BED & BATH STORES - look for - napkins,  pillow cases, fancy sheets,
towels, doilies, napkin rings, sheets with nice trims, shower curtains,
shower curtain rings, fancy table cloths, any item onsale