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Elements of the Healing doll - page 2

Believe it or not healing dolls can have themes. To illustrate this, creating a healing doll to mend a broken heart would  obviously have the heart as a central theme element. This could be accomplished by using fabric with hearts printed on it, painting heart shapes on, using heart charms, buttons and beads as embellishments. Another example of a  theme would be if the doll was to resemble an animal. For example if the doll had cat energy you could use cats as the central image. I have seen fabrics with cats on it. You could also use fur print type fabrics such as tiger  stripes or leopard spots.

Once you have settled upon your theme you can now begin finding the right colors to use. Color and healing go hand in hand. Much research has been done on the effects of color on the human psyche. There are many good books on color and healing and I certainly encourage you to do your own research but, I have included a list of the basic colors here for your convenience. Take a minute to study it and see where these colors may help enhance the healing properties of your doll.

Colors for Healing Use

Green: for general healing, promotes growth. Not a good color for those suffering from cancer.

Blue: used to bring a sense of calm and piece. Good color to use for any healing for skin, bones and connective tissues.

Red: Purifying color to cleanse the system of negative energies. Promotes courage and  is good for sexual dysfunction.

Orange: Good color for any ailment pertaining to the groin or sexual organs.

Yellow: Good color to use for mental disorders.

Purple: Brings divine energy into play, detoxify the body and emotional bodies.

Pink: Good color to use to heal emotional wounds or broken hearts.

Black: wards off negative energy; and evil vibes.

Gold: Attracts male energy and calls down angelic energies.

Silver: Associated with the moon and female energy. Good for intuition.

There, you have a basic idea of what color goes with what energy you can begin to combine different colors to create a more  complex energy for the doll. Here is an example of how you can combine colors to create a good healing doll. You have been asked to create a doll for someone who has had their heart broken due to a loss of some kind. I would  use pink for helping to ease the pain, red to give courage to move on, purple to cleanse the emotions and gold to help this person connect to their higher self essence. You can use any type of pattern or texture as well as any type of fabrics. The colors can be put together in many different ways. Sometimes I actually make a patch work of different colors to use for the body of the doll. This creates a very unusual and interesting doll. You can also  make clothing for the doll utilizing these colors.

Another important element in creating the healing doll is the thread which binds it all together. I bet you never thought that thread color was important. Well, it is an important part of the process. Symbolically it serves to bind the energy together. Let me illustrate this by giving you the four basic colors.

White thread represents purity and light. This is a good universal color to use in any healing doll project. Black is used to  ward off negative energies. This color would be used if you were making a doll for protection. Red is a color which carries the energy of courage. It is usually associated with the warrior energy and is good to use with healing  that require courage and strength. Green is a color which represents growth and healing. It is a good color to use for most intense healing needs. One word of caution here. If the doll you are making is for someone with cancer  or tumors do not use the color green. This color promotes growth and that is something you do not want in this case.

Now of course you can use the color chart I gave before as a means of fine tuning the thread color. But, it is important to  consider in the construction phase.

Stuffing; color is important also in that sometimes you can use herbs for the stuffing. If you choose to do this please ask the  person you are making the doll for if they have any allergies that may actually be aggravated by the herbs. The most common stuffing is polyester fiberfill which is white in most cases. This is great because that is the best  overall color to use. However, there have been colored versions introduced lately that can be beneficial. Black of course would work well to ward off negative energy. I would not recommend brown only because that is a muddy  color energetically. It would be OK to use brown if you were making a doll for healing the earth. I think that would be obvious. Brown is the color of dirt.